Industrial Bakery Solutions

We aim to provide you with quality service with Industrial Bakery Solutions.

We define the companies that produce packaged products with a long shelf life with full and semi-automation and retail these products through markets as Industrial Customers, and our products produced for these industrial customers as Industrial Products. All of our industrial solutions are company-specific and project-based. We support you in every aspect, including final product point integration for our semi-finished products, which we design in our R&D center and then test at our own pilot points with the companies we partner with.

With the experience we have gained in the field of flour developers and our professional technical staff, we follow the changing trends in line with the demands and wishes of our customers and produce innovative solutions for the specific needs of industrial bakery product manufacturers. As Eplique, we offer the optimum rheological and enzymatic combinations that are suitable for the processes and in accordance with the final product quality criteria.

-Product Types-

  • Cake Enhancers
  • Pizza Base Developer
  • Croissant Enhancers
  • Tortilla Developer
  • Shelf Life Solutions
  • Hamburger & Sandwich Developer