Industrial Sauces

We aim to provide you with quality service with industrial sauces.

Industrial Sauces

We describe the companies that sell the products with full and semi-automated packaging with long shelf life as Industrial Customers, and our products produced for these industrial customers as Industrial Products. All of our solutions are project-based and developed specifically for the company. We aim to support you in every subject you can think of, including the integration of the final product for the semi-finished product, which we first developed in our R&D center and then tried on our own lines, with the request of the companies we are solution partners to guide.

In the field of Industrial Sauces, we develop and produce sauces with features such as frost resistant and preservative-free for companies in the ice cream and milk ice cream sector, by providing heat resistant, low temperature activity, long shelf life, heat resistant solutions for the biscuit and cake industry.

-Product Types-

  • Cake Sauces
  • Yogurt Sauces
  • Ice Cream Sauces
  • Biscuit Sauces
  • Chocolate Sauces
  • Croissant Filling Cream