Your customers are always satisfied with our products!

You can get perfect products with the products you will get from Eplique Food!

Always Fresh

As Eplique Food, we attach importance to the quality of the products we produce. The products you will obtain by using our products always maintain their freshness within the standards.

Production in High Quality Standards

We produce products that have been approved by the institutions that set world standards, together with high quality standards for every product we produce.

Production with New Crops

We supply and introduce you to each crop that we need to use in the production of our products, paying attention to being fresh and new.


With each of our products, you will reach perfect tastes and create unique tastes.


We can say that pastry is an art that is in constant design change and requires effort. We enable you to perform your art without sacrificing taste and quality in your cakes.


We combine our quality products that we produce with experience. In this way, we offer an extremely quality-oriented product that does not move away from the traditional.

Flour Solutions

Eplique, we always know how and in what direction the wheat quality will be. Every year we analyze new harvests. However, we formulate flour quality and improvement in the best way possible.

Industrial Solutions

We offer customized R&D-oriented solutions for industrial manufacturers.